About us

Economical in cost, Royal in service.

That’s us in a nutshell. We are the specialist for all questions related to UXO, but a Dutch one! Because that’s where our roots are.

The Dutch are known for their efficiency, hard work and pragmatic approach. Even though Freyr is spreading her wings over the rest of the world, we have fortunately managed to retain these qualities. A fair price and old-fashioned hard work for our customers, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty and we work as if our lives depend on it. That is our philosophy. And then the customers come naturally.

Of course we aren’t a charity, we too want to make a profit. But a profit with a fair price. We are young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who not only look for explosives, but also for new opportunities to improve our services.

You notice this enthusiasm when you visit us. We see mostly opportunities, no threats. We see the dangers and therefore work safely. We make quick decisions and that’s why we grow. We are a young company, but we work worldwide, both on- and offshore.
And we feel that we are just starting…