UXO Survey & ID&C

The company for all UXO work

We are the (CS-OOO) company of choice for UXO survey, identification and clearance projects in the northern Netherlands and beyond. We have a strong local involvement and pride ourselves in knowing our clients and their project interests. Freyr deals with UXO challenges in a professional, multidiscipline, and safe but pragmatic manner.

Historical Desktop Study

An explosives threat within your project location? The answer derives from a detailed Historical Desktop Study. Freyr utilizes a team of academic (historical) researchers and UXO experts to conduct a thorough research. This research follows the latest standards as stated in the CS-VROO-01*. Together with our GIS-department, we provide our clients with a clear and straightforward knowledgeable overview of UXO-suspected areas and therewith of possible hidden risks within the project area. With the threats identified we advise on the most cost efficient approach and on how to create a safe work environment. *CertificatieSchema Vooronderzoek en Risicoanalyse Ontplofbare Oorlogsresten *CertificatieSchema Vooronderzoek en Risicoanalyse Ontplofbare Oorlogsresten

Project Specific Risk Assessment

Every project is different and to ensure our client receives the best possible advice and solution we offer Project Specific Risk Assessments. Detailed information derived from the historical desktop study is used to create a project tailored approach. This not only increases safety, but can also offer ways to (drastically) reduce costs or where applicable avoid the requirement for a UXO campaign. Freyr will always inform our clients where we assess it might be productive to conduct a Project Specific Risk Assessment.

Project Plan

No project starts without a plan. If the Historical Desktop Study and/or the Risk Assessment indicates the necessity of a UXO campaign, a project plan will be drafted. Freyr will compile a project plan which is fully compliant to the CS-OOO* legislation and will include a detailed overview of all UXO related activities within the project area. The plan will ensure the project will progress efficiently in a safe manner. Freyr works closely in consultation with the client and once agreed, Freyr will arrange the Competent Authority approval and conduct full liaison with EODD. *Certificatieschema Opsporen Ontplofbare Oorlogsresten

Detection / Survey

Detection (or UXO Survey) is conducted to determine whether the project area has a potential UXO presence. Whilst every project demands a unique approach, Freyr has the inhouse expertise and equipment to conduct a tailored survey. This includes assessing the most appropriate and efficient survey techniques. Depending on the survey area requirements, an active UXO survey system (metal detector) or passive system (magnetometer) will be deployed.

Data interpretation and QA/QC

This involves the analysis of all acquired survey data and the creation of a potential UXO target list by a CS-OOO senior expert. To ensure not every ferrous-object will end up on the target avoidance or investigation list. This is where Freyr uses all available data and information, such as the project risk assessment, borehole sample data and Freyr’s exclusive UXO magnetic database to exclude non-UXO targets. Only once this process has been fulfilled will Freyr provide the Client with the most accurate assessment possible in a final pUXO target list.

Approach, identification and safe store of explosives

All the targets on the final target list will be identified by a Freyr expert. Debris/scrap will be removed and in the case of a positive UXO the Freyr experts will identify and ensure safe storage of the ordnance awaiting arrival of EOD. If EOD requires technical assistance Freyr can also provide this.

Detection / Clearance report (PVVO)

With all targets identified and UXO’s disposed of, the project area is deemed clear and safe to work on. As written proof, Freyr will draft a Final Results Report including a Clearance Certificate (PVVO*). *ProcesVerbaal Van Oplevering