Some examples

Offshore - Circe 2 North Cable Lowestoft – Zandvoort

Freyr supervised the SBI and ID&C phases within this offshore project. Freyr's successful contribution allowed the submarine cable to be laid safely from England to the Netherlands.

Offshore - Hollandse Kust Noord

Within this project Freyr, has been involved from the UXO survey phase up the disposal of explosives with EODD. By leaving the project site safe in terms of explosives, the construction of an offshore wind farm can go ahead.

Onshore - building plot in Bavel

For the construction of a residence in an area suspected of ammunition, Freyr surveyed the building plot. After all suspicious objects were examined and removed, the area could be declared safe and the construction of a beautiful house could begin.

Onshore - Asterstraat Doetinchem

For the conditioning of a site near the Asterstraat in Doetinchem, it appeared necessary to carry out UXO research due to the fact the site appeared to consist of a possible trench system. Freyr performed real-time detection in collaboration with an archaeological firm. Suspicious objects were examined and removed so the site could be released.

Historical Desktop Study - Westpolder Lauwersoog

Following a request from a client asking whether an area was suspected of UXO, Freyr conducted a Historical Preliminary Investigation. The project site proved not to be suspected, allowing the client to carry out the work without additional measures..

Project Specific Risk Assessment- Wagenborgen Hydrogen Pipeline

As a result of war activities in and around the city of Wagenborgen, Explosive Remnants of War may have been left behind. Through a Project Specific Risk Analysis, Freyr has informed the client what the possible presence of UXO means to the project and which safety measures should be in place in order to safe construct the pipeline.